Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Examples

Overall, this helps the organisation become more efficient by better utilising their resources, essentially saving them time and money.

High-level insights, including average salary, average duration, and average age, help the HR team understand who their employees are. power bi dashboard examples These insights allow HR to better accommodate employees in future company decisions. Additionally, the insights help the HR team carefully craft a diverse workforce that meets the core purpose of the logistics dashboard is to help logistics managers with product flow. The dashboard identifies areas of high/low product flow to help managers allocate resources in order to meet delivery standards and run a smooth operation.

The purpose of the dashboard is to help sales managers understand how the business is performing and where they need to focus their efforts if they are to meet their sales targets.

‍The dashboard provides sales managers with an overview of their sales to date, along with granular details relating to each opportunity. Additionally, all metrics are presented in a high-level format to help sales managers identify areas of focus.