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    On Tuesday evening, the 2022 World Cup Asian Qualifiers Group 2 kicked off. The first to play were the two Group A teams South Korea and Lebanon, the former being the home team. Although the two sides fought with their opponents in the first round of the group match, South Korea is indeed better in strength, and Lebanon’s battle is really bad.

       Since 1986, South Korea has participated in the 9th World Cup final week in a row, and they are regular visitors to this event. Now the team is ranked 36th in FIFA and 4th in Asia, which is significantly higher than the current opponent Lebanon. In the Asian qualifiers of this World Cup, South Korea won 5 wins, 1 draw and unbeaten results in the group stage 1, averaging more than 3 goals per game. Attackers such as Huang Yizhu, Quan Changxun, and Li Donggyong made collective contributions during this period. In addition, they also recalled the top star Sun Xingmin this time, and the team’s offensive power is trustworthy. In the last 4 qualifiers, South Korea has won 3 wins and 1 and remained unbeaten. Among them, only one goal was lost. Its offensive and defensive goals were fairly balanced. The first show of the last group stage 2 was forced to make a tie by Iraq. For Lebanon, which is weaker, South Korea must open a victory account.
       Lebanon is currently ranked 98th in the world and 16th in Asia, showing its weakness. Of course, Lebanon has never participated in the World Cup final week in history, and it is simply not comparable to South Korea. In this World Cup Asian qualifier group 1, Lebanon happened to be in Group H with South Korea. They finally qualified as the second place in this group. During the two encounters with South Korea, Lebanon recorded 1 and 1 loss. , It is completely at a disadvantage. Looking at the last 6 direct dialogues between the two sides, Lebanon is hard to find a victory, with a record of only 2 and 4 losses, and as many as 4 games have not scored. Lebanon will undoubtedly be defeated by South Korea, which is in desperate need of returning to victory.

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