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    Late on Tuesday night, the World Cup European qualifiers will continue, and Portugal, in Group A, will challenge Azerbaijan as a guest. Portugal’s overall strength is undoubtedly far better than Azerbaijan, and the former has currently won two consecutive victories in all competitions, while Azerbaijan has lost more and lost less in the recent past. It can be seen that Portugal, which is dominant in all aspects, is expected to win this battle easily.

    The level of Azerbaijani football is not well-known in Europe. They basically play the role of escort in all competitions. The European qualifiers of this World Cup are no exception. After the first 4 rounds of group matches, they are hard to find a victory. In addition, they lost 3 games, and they can only finish in Group A with 1 point. As for the current situation, since October 2020, Azerbaijan has played 13 games in various competitions. They only won a pitiful victory. The opponent defeated by the team was still very limited Belarus, and they lost as many as 7 games. Field, the difference in the team’s combat effectiveness needless to say. In addition, most of the players in Azerbaijan’s squad this season are from their national leagues, and they cannot be compared with Portuguese soldiers regardless of strength or experience. This time against Portugal, which has both strength and status, Azerbaijan can only hope to win with few losses.

    There is no doubt that Portugal today is definitely the top team in European football and even the world football. They successfully reached the top of the 2016 European Cup, and can also reach the top 16 in the 2018 World Cup and this summer’s European Cup. This is enough to reflect that the team is quite competitive in the competition. According to the latest FIFA national team rankings, Portugal ranks 8th in the world, which is 104 places higher than its opponent Azerbaijan in this battle. This also reflects the fact that there is a huge gap in overall strength between the two sides. Although the number one star Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to Manchester United ahead of schedule and missed the match, there are still many stars in the Portuguese team, Diorgo Zuda, Bernardo Silva and Banu Fernan. Attackers such as Diss have extremely strong personal abilities, and they can easily deal with the guards of Azerbaijan. In addition, since Portugal and Serbia have scored 10 points after the 4th round of the group match, if the former wants to become the real leader, they will do their best to win this battle. Therefore, the soldiers must have a high fighting spirit. In this battle, visiting Azerbaijan, whose strength is not worth mentioning, Portugal will not miss this great opportunity to take all 3 points.

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